Vlasic’s new line of pickles promises farm freshness.

Farmer’s Garden by Vlasic, owned by Pinnacle Foods, is a new line of farm fresh, artisanal pickles packaged in mason jars fromBall Corp.

The classic mason style jar packaging with smaller label offers a larger visible portion to showcase the contents of the jar, in effort to showcase the honesty of the ingredients. Each jar will be hand-packed with fresh extra large U.S. grown cucumbers marinated in a special brine and paired with carefully selected garlic, carrots, peppers, herbs and spices for an authentic flavor experience. Farmer’s Garden by Vlasic will be delivered fresh and chilled to the grocer’s produce section, and available in two flavors and three varieties. 

The pickles are available in supermarkets’ produce section across the country and retail for $5.49 each.