European launch of Bols Foam creates the world’s first foam liqueurs.

Lucas Bols B.V. andRexam Personal Carehave teamed to create the world’s first and only foam liqueurs called Bols Foam. Targeted to the on- and off- premise accounts, each bottle will feature Lucas Bols liqueur branding of the Rexam M3 mini-foamer.

Bols Foam is dispensed from 200-mL glass bottles using the Rexam M3 mini-foamer with S 10 “engine.” Each bottle of Bols Foam creates two liters of foaming liqueur. The foam is designed to keep its form for up to 15 minutes to ensure maximum distribution and customer satisfaction.

The technology behind the foamers is the same as the current line of Rexam M3 foamers. It takes a small amount of liquid, mixes it with the right amount of air and with a single press, without chemicals or propellants, creates creamy, rich, long-lasting and controllable foam.

Bols Foam has been launched in the European market only, but is expected to be available in both North America and Asia. Bols Foam multipacks of three were launched April 1st, selling for 35 euros (about $51). Single packs were introduced on June 1st, selling for 15 euros (about $22). Bols Foam initial flavors are Bols Blue, Bols Crème de Cassis, Bols Banana, Bols Amaretto, Bols Cacao White and Bols Peppermint Green.

The Bols brand was established in Amsterdam in 1575 and is the world’s oldest distilled spirit company.  The Bols Liqueurs range comprises more than 36 flavors that are distributed in 110 countries.

-Food & Beverage Packaging staff