NESCAFÉ launches powdered single-serve café drinks.

NESCAFÉ introduces one of the biggest innovations to ever hit the coffee aisle. New NESCAFÉ Memento is an expertly crafted line of foaming, single-serve café beverages, easy to enjoy while on-the-go. The small powder pack unlocks deliciously creamy cappuccinos – simply by adding hot water.                                                                  

“Until now, instant cappuccinos, lattes and mochas haven’t been able to match the standard of the barista-prepared café creation,” says Sarah Johnson, Marketing Manager, NESCAFÉ. “With NESCAFÉ’s new Instant Foaming Technology, consumers can enjoy instant cappuccinos and lattes with real, frothy, awe-inspiring foam that lasts until the final sip.”

Every packet of NESCAFÉ Memento makes an 8-ounce specialty coffee beverage. With mere seconds to a delicious, frothy coffee house beverage, these portable single-serve packets are convenient enough to travel anywhere.  Just add hot water and go.

NESCAFÉ Memento is available nationwide at your local grocer or mass outlet store. Available in three flavors, they retail for $4.29 for an 8-pack.