Hormel Country Crock sides use “in-mold” package design.

Hormel Country Crock sides are now available in a new eco-friendly design. The “in-mold” package design replaces the paper sleeve, placing the printed information directly on the tub, which saves more than 8,500 trees a year.

By switching the product packaging to in-mold labeling, the following will be saved annually:
  •      4,864,214 gallons of waste water

  •      2,913,873 pounds of greenhouse gases

  •      1,392 tons of wood

  •      795,212 pounds of solid waste

  •      1,223 pounds of hazardous air pollutants
The new Hormel Country Crock tub also features ‘stay cool handles’ that provide consumers with easy handling of the product when removed from the microwave. Available in more than 12 varieties, the sides retail for $3.99 per 24-ounce package.