Estonian brand Liviko Group wanted to develop Vana Tallinn Wild Spices, the first line extension product since the rebranding. The brand turned to branding and packaging design agency Appartement 103 ( for the design, which follows last year’s redesign of Vana Tallinn’s core range.

In the past few years, the market has witnessed a boom within the spiced flavored drinks category, following increased consumer demand for new drinking experiences, while still delivering a crafted premium product. Vana Tallinn Wild Spice uniquely combines pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, citrus peels and ginger with the legendary recipe of the original product.

Through its iconic brand panel, the top part of the label presentation ensures impact and family recognition with the core range. The bottom label elegantly highlights the craftsmanship and essence of the new product, showcasing the carefully selected spices through a play of typefaces and hand drawn illustrations. 

Overall, the combination of dark brown and vibrant orange pantone creates a nice contrast, expressing the natural attributes of the product, yet adding boldness and modernity to the presentation.