Friesche Vlag products improve shelf appeal.

FrieslandCampina’s Friesche Vlag, the Netherlands’ oldest dairy brand, received a packaging redesign from Anthem (  Friesche Vlag reached out to the company for a portfolio-wide redesign of the brand’s logo and packaging. Food and Beverage Packaging further discovered that the objectives behind the redesign were to make the brand more contemporary and create stand-out on shelf with a cohesive and more contemporary look across the whole range to attract a younger audience and remain attractive and relevant to existing consumers.

The redesigned cartons, from Tetra Pak (, are TetraBrik Aseptic cartons. Anthem created a new logo treatment for the packaging with a more organic and dimensional shape and applied a simple, clean brand architecture and design style across the entire portfolio that highlights the Friesche Vlag logo as the primary messaging. The redesign uses key existing brand colors across core products such as Goudband, Halvamel, and Balance, while an extended color palette was devised for less traditional extended offerings.

Annerie Brenninkmeijer, marketing manager at Friesche Vlag, comments, “We appointed Anthem as we have worked with them for many years and wanted to call upon their in-depth insight into our brand and previous coffee milk designs.  Their response to our brief is a cohesive range which adds warmth and sparks of inspiration to the category.  The new designs will appeal to both new and existing customers alike and bring some life to the coffee milk shelf again.”