Ball themed packages also include baseball-card style recipe.

Industry leader Tanimura & Antle continues to support salad season with new promotional packaging that adds excitement and impact to the produce department. The company announces the launch of its Baseball Iceberg Lettuce packaging, available to retailers through October. This seasonal packaging is designed to effectively separate the popular iceberg lettuce on the shelf and create sales momentum during the key summer salad season.

The new packaging includes the traditional red baseball stitching and a baseball card-style recipe for a quick, easy-prep wedge salad that the whole family will love. It also co-promotes one of the recipe ingredients directly on the package-Tanimura & Antle’s own Artisan Sweet Italian Red Onions.

Retailers are encouraged to cross merchandise this eye-catching package with other recipe ingredients for a total destination shopping location. “Cross promoting a complementary item simplifies the shopping experience for the consumer and the on-pack recipe provides an immediate meal solution,” comments Diana McClean, director of marketing. Consumers can find this new packaging in select retail stores across the US.