SaltWorks launches sea salt pouch and smoked salts.

SaltWorks’ Pure Ocean sea salt is unrefined, all natural sea salt. The Pure Ocean line is available in 21- ounce (595 g) plastic shaker bottles, cases of 12 plastic shaker bottles, or in 4-pound (1.8 kg) pour-spout bags. The spout pouch was released about one year ago and was designed in-house by SaltWorks. The 4-pound pour spout bags, in full color printing, are ideal for food service, to make refilling easy and convenient.

The newest line from SaltWorks is the Smokehouse line, featured in glass jars with a new in-house designed label.  The MSRP on the jars is $14.95.

SaltWorks’ smoked sea salts are used in spice rubs and blends, soups, frozen foods and restaurants. All of SaltWorks’ artisanal sea salts – smoked and regular – are available in retail jars and in bulk.