Keep It Simple Syrup brand does just that.

Susan Martinson, President and Owner of Chef Sous LLC, wanted to keep the packaging simple for the spearmint-infused Keep It Simple Syrup (kiss). Since there are only four all natural ingredients in the product, she wanted a sleek, simple package to showcase the syrup.  (In addition, as a startup, the company was limited to using stock components but still wanted to convey an elegant look.)

For these reasons, and because one of the target markets is bars where it can be used as a mixer for cocktails, a stock 750ml flint wine bottle was the container of choice. The package, designed in collaboration withBerlin Packaging(, began shipping in December 2011. It features:
  • Clear glass that allows consumers to see the product, conveys a top-shelf image, and is easily recyclable which is important for an all-natural product. 

  • A white, smooth/smooth 28mm closure to seal the glass to prevent leakage and provide tamper evidence. 

  • A semi-gloss label with an all-temperature adhesive, matte laminate and the company’s ‘kiss’ lip print logo.

  • A custom-printed heat shrink capsule repeating the ‘kiss’ logo in order to stand out on the bar shelf regardless of location. 
The syrup retails for $15.00 and higher. The package has already played a key role in getting shelf placement in Virginia’s state-run liquor stores. With her foot solidly in the door, Martinson is now trying to sell her syrup to large gourmet chains, wine distributors and coffee houses. Spearmint KISS is available in over 80 ABC stores throughout Virginia and select gourmet retailers.