Rawhide Brand Essence Chews feature coded packaging.

The ability to trace just where the ingredients for a food product came from is something quite new in the consumer packaged goods industry. Until recently, this wasn’t something done for dog snacks, but now is thanks to new Rawhide Brand Essence Chews that carry special coded packaging with the date of production and ranch of origin for its chews. New in the US, this product is the innovation of the week fromDatamonitor’s (www.datamonitor.com) Product Launch Analytics.

Pet safety is a paramount concern for new Rawhide Brand Essence Chews. Not only is this line of chews made with 100% grass-fed, free-range Brazilian beef hides, but the product is the first of its kind to code the packaging with the date of production that identifies the ranch of origin. The chews are also unique as they are marinated in the US with all-natural flavor essences that won’t transfer color to carpets, upholstery or other favorite chewing environments. The chews are offered in a variety of flavors and a variety of shapes and sizes.

Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director for Datamonitor notes, “Food safety concerns have risen to the point where a few food companies are labeling products in such a way that consumers can find out where the ingredients came from.” 

 “It is highly unusual to see the practice spread to pet snacks, such as this line of dog chews and this could be a sign that this practice could really take off in 2012.”