Landmark buildings inspire New Artisan Spirits’ glass bottles.

New Artisan Spirits, Houston, TX, recently launched Roxor, a new gin that was conceived to meet the public’s rising interest in unique spirits that are distilled in limited quantities. Buildings from world-famous skylines provided the inspiration for the custom-designed bottle created for New Artisan Spirits and sourced byTricorBraun.    

The 750-m bottle is made with cosmetic grade super flint glass and was manufactured by artisan glass makers in Mexico City.  It uses a 33-400 custom light-weight polypropylene continuous-thread closure that is embossed with the spirit’s name.  A flat, window-pane relief designed at the bottle’s waist serves as a grip and provides a space for the two-pass silkscreen label.  The bottle’s parting-line is placed on a diagonal so it cannot be seen across the face.

Roxor was formulated by a James Beard-award-winning chef with a PhD in biochemistry.  His partner, a former Coca-Cola marketing executive, wanted a bottle “that toasts the world’s most prominent architects and their architecture that commands the skylines of the world’s greatest cities.”

The company is planning to introduce a 1.75-liter bottle that will be taller and wider than its 750-ml counterpart; however it will maintain the same scale.