Grassini Vineyards bottles feature hand-dipped wax seals.

In 2002, the Grassini’s established a family vineyard in the Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, CA. A simple crest with a ligature of the number 5 and the letter G was designed with inspiration from the five children. After several successful harvests, the family knew it was time to take the crest and build a more robust brand expression withDuffy & Partners (, one that would more aptly reflect all that the vineyard and its harvests symbolized.

The new bottle design components include metallic silk-screened bottles, individually signed and numbered labels and hand-dipped wax seals. The bottle, fromBruni Glass (, is a heavy dark green 750 ML glass bottle imported from Italy.

The brand is currently sold in select restaurants in California and New York, and in retails stores in California, or online at The wine retails for $45.00 to $65.00.