Underground Spirits gin and vodka was given a fresh new look by drinks design agency Denomination that draws on its Canberra roots and emphasizes the science behind the uniquely smooth spirits. The independent, multi-award-winning vodka and gin distillery wanted to develop its strategic brand positioning, brand identity, packaging and guidelines.

Founder and master distiller Dr. Toby Angstmann patented a new method of filtering at sub-zero temperatures—a process that was inspired by his medical and scientific background as a practitioner in obstetrics, gynecology and fertility.

The new brand identity uses a stylized map of Canberra and a snowflake shape—direct references to the provenance of the brand and the patented ultra-cold purifying ‘cryofiltering’ process.

Denomination’s use of a muted color palette for the range was inspired by the colors of the Canberran and Australian landscape, reflecting the quality of the local, natural ingredients and the finish of the product. Metallic ink on uncoated stock provides a beautiful, smooth and natural finish, just like the product inside.

The holographic tamper seal brings a scientific feel to the bottles, echoing the innovative filtering method.

Rowena Curlewis, CEO, Denomination, says: “We wanted to create a brand design that reflected the fresh, innovative approach of Toby Angstmann and the team at Underground Spirits, and celebrated the brand’s Canberra origins.”