Endangered Species Chocolate undergoes a design change.

To continue to expand its brand awareness Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) is updating its packaging to portray a more premium product. The new packaging will focus on highlighting the quality of the product inside, while still continuing to highlight the heart of the company's 10% give back mission.

After meeting with focus groups, participating in store demos and getting direct feedback from their consumer's, ESC made the decision to update its packaging giving it more of a modern and clean feel. This new design will also help the company compete with an increasingly competitive natural and organic food industry.

"The overall goal of the design was to show new and current consumers that ESC is a premium, great tasting product," says Nick Lee, creative director for Endangered Species Chocolate, "which will help create a better world with each purchase...simply put, to tell our story more effectively."

Along with the new look, the packaging will also feature updated animal plight facts, enhanced animal images and graphic elements along with information about the company's on the ground work in Ecuador with the Endangered Species Chocolate Foundation. At the same time the company is also expanding its product line by introducing its 1.4-ounce organic bars to Canadian consumers.

"I think it's important for consumers to know that a lot of hard, honest work goes into each Endangered Species Chocolate product to help make the planet a better place," says Lee. "Packaging is one way we can explain our story quickly and effectively. Simply put you can have your premium chocolate and feel good about it too."

Consumers will begin to see the new packaging in stores nationwide this spring.