New contemporary packaging for Hershey’s Miniatures Assortment officially hit retail shelves this week. Packaging for both the bags and individual pieces will have a bolder presence on shelf and in the candy bowl. The redesign was grounded in consumer insights and retailers will be happy to know that the new Hershey’s Miniatures design has already increased purchase intent and rate among consumers [Source: Miniatures Invivo Package Testing, May 2013]. The packaging was last updated in 2010.

The new packaging is also more sustainable. Each wrapper underwent a weight reduction; 0.050 grams per wrapper were removed. It might seem small, but in just one year that equated to more than 271,800 pounds of wrappers saved. That’s enough to fill 11 tractor trailers. Cutting the paper use saves 1,957 trees while cutting the aluminum use and the energy to produce it equates to turning off the electricity for one year in 56 homes.

Hershey has more than 175 sustainability projects across three countries that have saved 14 million pounds of packaging material in just five years.