While enjoying the best chocolates is a very real-world experience, they can also be purchased online. In fact, according to internetretailer.com, online purchasing will increase by 62% in large part because of “improving sites and services.” With the launch of its new online boutique-website, Valrhona has done just that – improved its site with new services, products and offerings.

Now Valrhona-Chocolate.com is even more user-friendly, with easier navigation and new features that will make chocolate lovers and home bakers smile even before tasting the chocolate. An introductory video invites all to get to know Valrhona – the source of fine chocolate (“aux Source du Grand Chocolat”) – a little better. And, the introduction of a tasting guide offers instruction on how to taste chocolates – ideal for increasing one’s own knowledge or hosting a chocolate tasting party.

For baking enthusiasts, Valrhona – the choice of top chefs – includes recipes on the new website, organized by complexity and cooking time, with direct links to the products each recipe calls for. The website also features tips for home bakers, providing helpful tricks of the trade for tasks like tempering chocolate, filling a piping bag, whisking egg whites, creating an emulsion, roasting nuts, and softening butter. Not only is the design and architecture of the website new, but Valrhona is also rolling out a new line of baking chocolates that complement these recipes and tips, as well as new Grand Cru tasting bars. The “couture” of cocoa, Valrhona’s new line “wears” a new look, with boldly colored new packaging that makes it easier to navigate selecting chocolate according to one’s taste and usage.

Staying in step with tastes and trends, Valrhona-Chocolate.com will also have a Mobile version making purchasing anytime anywhere that much easier.

Valrhona’s expanded Chocolate for Baking range includes a cacao powder and six Grand Cru: the two dark Guanaja 70% and Caraïbe 66%, the two 2 milk Jivara 40%, Caramélia 36%, the white Ivoire 35%, and the new blond Dulcey 32%. Brand new packaging for this range of cooking chocolates has been designed with baking enthusiasts in mind, and includes recipes, baking tips and valuable advice developed by the École du Grand Chocolat.

Those who don’t bake can enjoy the expanded line of Grand Cru tasting bars as much as those who do. Inside the colorful, modern and sturdy new packaging lay an exquisite array of fine chocolates.

As of January, 2014, Valrhona has added 7 new Grand Cru tasting bars to its collection:

  • Bahibe 46% -- A milk chocolate hovering on the edge of darkness. Single Origin Dominican Republic
  • Dulcey 32% -- The first Blond Chocolate, buttery notes give way to lightly salted shortbread flavor.
  • Andoa 70% -- A USDA organic refreshingly bittersweet dark chocolate.
  • Opalys 33% -- A delicate white chocolate with hints of fresh milk and natural vanilla.
  • Ivoire 35% -- A smooth white chocolate with hints of warm milk and vanilla.
  • Caramélia 36% -- A rich milk chocolate with notes of salted caramel.
  • Andoa 39% -- A European organic smooth, mellow milk chocolate.

The full collection also includes:

  • 7 dark chocolates: Abinao 85%, Araguani 72% (Single Origin Venezuela), Guanaja 70%, Caraïbe 66%, Alpaco 66% (Single Origin Ecuador) Tainori 64% (Single Origin Dominican Republic), and Manjari 64% (Single Origin Madagascar) as well as the 2 milk chocolates: Jivara 40% and Tanariva 33% (Single Origin Dominican Republic).
  • 4 Grand Cru Tasting bars with inclusions: Cocoa Nibs, Candied Orange Peel, Crunchy pearls or Split Pecans.

While Valrhona is also available at select retailers, the new site offers a selection of products available exclusively at the online boutique.