Pacific Natural Foods redesigns packaging for 2012.

Pacific Natural Foods, a leader in the organic and natural food industry, is rolling out new packaging on its popular soup, broth and non-dairy beverage lines in 2012. The updated look will have greater impact on shelf, making the products easier to find and purchase.

Research showed that consumers recognize and trust the Pacific brand, seeing it as an everyday pantry staple in their homes. While consumers identified with the package graphics, they noted opportunities to improve inconsistencies. The redesign includes a modernized logo that maintains the most recognizable elements (oval shape, script and popping green hue), fresh product and ingredient imagery, a back panel that better communicates the brand story and core values, and Quick Response (QR) codes that provide usage ideas and recipes when scanned with a smart phone. The changes are being applied across all of Pacific’s product categories to create a consistent brand presence, no matter which section of the store a consumer is shopping.

 “On our old packaging, the colors, typography and logo treatment were inconsistent,” says Kevin Tisdale, director of marketing for Pacific Natural Foods. “With the new brand imagery and color cues across all of our flavors, now you’ll see a stronger block of Pacific products on the shelf, making it easier for shoppers to find and buy their favorites. We expect the recipe ideas accessed by the QR codes to also contribute to a higher basket ring for retailers.”

The new packaging for all product lines should be on shelves by mid-2012.