Spurred by fast growing energy drinks market.

GURU Energy Drink launches a new design for its packaging and visual identity. The updated design features energy, motion and the authentic nature of the product's ingredients. It will be rolled-out in Canada and the United States, where GURU's growth outpaces the fast expanding market for energy drinks.

GURU introduces its new visual ID as consumers develop increasing interest for quality natural ingredients in the food and beverages they purchase.

GURU Energy Drink's co-founder, Ray Jolicoeur, explains that by renewing the look of the product, while preserving its authenticity, GURU continues to cater to an increasingly health-minded and accomplishment-driven consumer.

"GURU's new design is more dynamic and reflects even better the values of the brand, as well as the product's natural and organic content. The logo is stronger, more visible and communicates better the efficacy of the product. Yet, no changes were made to the product's formula," explains Mr. Jolicoeur.

The new design keeps the brand's double-arrow in the background, overlaid by the name GURU. The arrow on the front panel symbolizes the brand's energy while a flowing current crosses the logo to convey motion and the product's natural components.

Solid North-American Growth

In Canada, the energy drink market grew 8% last year, while GURU's sales shot up by more than 20% in Quebec convenience stores. In the United States, GURU's sales rose a phenomenal 48%, more than three times the category growth.

Here, GURU energy drinks are available both in convenience and grocery stores. In the United States, GURU is distributed in health-food stores, such as Whole Foods Market, specialized grocery and fitness centers.