Vemma rebrands its energy drink line

Vemma has updated the Verve brand packaging to better align with the company's modern, premium and healthy look and feel. Rebranding projects included both Verve Energy Drink and Verve Energy Shot. After four successful years and the sale of 24 million cans, Verve Energy Drink remains the same popular product, but now with a fresh packaging makeover for both low natural sugar and sugar-free varieties. In addition, Verve Sugar Free was renamed Verve Zero Sugar, a more desirable and modern term as indicated by market research and Vemma Brand Partner feedback.

Packaging enhancements to the product include:
  • A sleek 2-ounce serving size

  • A 24-bottle Fridge Brick® box to replace the 12-bottle display box

  • A Quick Response (QR) code on the label and packaging links to the Verve Energy Shot web page for improved marketing capabilities

  • A clean, fresh, and predominantly white design that signifies healthy energy
The new Verve Energy Shot launched in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan in August.