Bud Light’s new label leaves space for a message.

Anheuser-Busch InBev has joined forces withSpearto introduce a dynamic, interactive label. Brand developers of the best selling beer, Bud Light, turned to Spear to bring the product’s fun personality to life, via a customizable pressure-sensitive label printed at Spear’s Tennessee facility.

Spear’s technical team transformed the familiar Bud Light label to allow drinkers to add a personal touch.  Incorporating metal activation technology, extensive testing was required to investigate accidental activation and abrasion problems. The end result is an exclusive area of the label on which consumers can customize their bottle by using a coin or key to write a message or draw an image.  This not only allows the drinker to express their individuality, it also avoids bottle mix-ups and offers the chance for individuals to exchange messages or phone numbers.