Lisa McTigue Pierce

Our first issue in 1959!

Back in 1959, man had yet to walk on the moon. But we imagined it and then did it, and here we stand today.

In 1959, mankind had survived two world wars. But we still didn’t learn how to avoid violent conflict altogether, and here we stand today.

In 1959, the United States was not yet complete. But then we welcomed Alaska and Hawaii into the Union, and here we stand today.

In 1959, packaging professionals needed a trusted source of news, trends and new technologies. But thenFood & Drug Packaging-nowFood & Beverage Packaging-published its first issue, and here we stand today. Proud to have such a solid past. Humble to marvel at the possibilities of the future.

Look out! Out toward tomorrow! Think of what we can accomplish, what problems we can solve. Reduce world hunger. Save the planet. Build a better life for our children and grandchildren.

But look out! Tomorrow will be different in many ways. Will we be able to accept the inevitable changes? Dare I say, will we be bold enough to rouse the genius in ourselves and even lead the necessary transformations?

I think we will.

Because we’re forever improving. And because we know to recognize, cultivate and reward potential…in new technologies, in other people, in ourselves. We look past what we are today to imagine what we can be tomorrow.

I doubt that many (any?) readers from our early days are still working, still reading. Regardless of whether you’ve been a subscriber for five days or five decades, thanks for coming along on our journey. Life is much more meaningful when we share it.

Turning 50 isn’t so bad. At this age, one usually has wisdom and grace. Maybe a few gray hairs and extra pounds. But definitely the good sense to celebrate milestones. Welcome to the party!