Packaging is still perceived as a high priority in consumer goods despite the bad economic situation, according to a recent report from Clear Seas Research, a sister company ofFood & Beverage Packagingmagazine.

The great majority (89%) of respondents to a recent Clear Seas survey said that their focus on packaging innovation has either remained unchanged or has increased. Only 11% reported decreasing their focus.

Responses to other questions in the survey reveal a strong regard for the importance of packaging. Sixty-two percent strongly agreed and 27% agreed with the statement, “Product packaging influences consumer purchase decisions.” Sixty-one percent strongly agreed and 31% agreed with “Package design has a direct impact on consumer perceptions of a product.” By contrast, 74% disagreed or strongly disagreed with “The return on investment (ROI) for packaging initiatives is not measurable.”

Source:ClearSeas Research (CLEARPulse survey, March 2009), 248-786-1625;