Check Out the New and Featured Products For the Month of March 2008

4-way X-ray sees all

The Eagle QuadView X-ray inspection system looks at each product from four different angles to find a variety of contaminants (glass, metal, stone and bone) at speeds in excess of 400 feet per minute. Multiple views mean fewer false rejects, substantially lowering the amount of wasted product. The QuadView installs easily on existing packaging lines and provides full inspection of the entire product. The Eagle QuadView can be integrated into control networks to supply real-time data for performance and quality assurance checks.

Smiths Detection, 877-379-1670

Achieve a matte effect without environmental hazards

Michem Guard 349 and Guard 350 wax dispersions impart a matte effect to most aqueous coatings and varnishes. The coatings give water-based inks the performance properties of solvent-based systems, without the environmental hazards. The products also enhance other properties such as blocking, as well as abrasion, water repellency and scratch/mar resistance. Both dispersions are solvent-free and are designed to minimize unnecessary interaction.
Michelman, 800-333-1723

Additive boosts polyolefin performance

A hyper-nucleating agent, when added to polyethylene or polypropylene, can enhance the performance of film or thermoformed packaging and closures. Hyperform HPN-20E offers barrier improvements, optimum stiffness/impact balance, high-quality aesthetics, potential weight and material reduction, and processing benefits (such as faster cycle times owing to warp elimination and shrinkage optimization).

Milliken Chemical, 864-503-2200

Case/tray packer module gently places bottles

New soft placement module that is compatible with several of the company’s case packers has servo motion control. The module gently lowers bottles into cases or trays without damage to labels, closures or containers. It eliminates bottle-to-bottle scuffing and breakage, with or without partitions. Simple to adjust and change over, the module adapts to unstable bottles of all sizes for more stable packing with less downtime. It also has a low-maintenance design.

Standard-Knapp, 860-342-1100

Compact, powerful vacuum conveyor minimizes energy consumption

The C2100-64 vacuum conveyor uses the company’s patented COAX technology, which reduces energy consumption and creates a more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly product. The conveyor’s design improves the vacuum-assisted flow by 25% without affecting energy consumption. Engineered to be compact yet powerful, the C2100-64 quietly and hygienically conveys materials in spaces with low ceilings or limited space. It’s able to transport up to 1.5 tons per hour of powders and granules.

PIAB North America, 800-321-7422

Compostable resin works for frozen-food packaging

CP-INJ-13, the first freeze-tolerant biodegradable resin, retains structural rigidity in freezing temperatures. It is suitable for frozen foods like ice cream, or any application that requires resistance to low temperatures. This new polylactic acid (PLA)-based resin withstands sub-zero environments as low as -31° F., compared to about 68° F. for standard PLA-based plastic.

Cereplast Inc., 310-676-5000

Economical fixed-mount system verifies Data Matrix codes

DataMan 100V verifiers inspect the quality of Data Matrix codes to ensure high read rates for successful traceability. They measure code quality to all industry standards, which ensures consistent results across different verification platforms, manufacturing environments and industries.

Cognex Corp., 877-264-6391

Empty food/beverage bottle becomes a fun toy

The Connect Bottle system works with any size or shape blow-molded bottle or container. Once the product inside is consumed, Connect Bottle can be reused as a toy for kids. This helps reduce the amount of plastic bottles in landfills and provides a point of differentiation for foods and beverages. The basic connector piece is molded into the bottom of the bottle, enabling bottles to be connected with their caps on or off. Bottles connect by threading them together or inserting the cap into the connector piece at the bottom of a bottle. Designed by a retired New York City educator, Connect Bottle shares the learning and developmental qualities of other building toys, such as hardwood blocks.

KleinCepts Inc., 866-553-4623

Flowrapper makes zippered packs

The Mistral BB ZIP Servo horizontal packaging system produces hermetically sealed, modified atmosphere packs with three seals and a zipper reclosure at speeds of 80 packs per minute. The flowrapper-which is suitable for packaging cheese, cold meats, breads and other foods-uses servo technology on six axes to speed up changeover. It takes only a few minutes to replace the film reel, make a few other necessary adjustments and select a new product recipe.

PFM Packaging Machinery Corp., 905-836-6709

Hi-res thermal printer has space-saving design

The Norwood 53LT thermal transfer overprinter, now serviced and distributed by sister company Diagraph, combines space-saving design, accurate bi-directional ribbon drive and large ribbon capacity. Designed for flexible packaging applications such as snack food bags, meat packs and bakery bags, the system provides high-resolution variable printing. Multiple interface options allow quick conversion from intermittent- to continuous-motion operation.

Diagraph, An ITW Co., 800-722-1125

Hot-melt applicator answers high-volume needs

Kobra series hot-melt applicators can operate as many as six hoses or guns for added flexibility on medium- to high-speed packaging lines. Solid-state controls, accurate temperature sensors (using a resistance temperature device or RTD) and an electronically controlled piston pump optimize system performance. The units offer an optional integrated pattern control and automatic hopper-feeder. Tank capacities range from 9 to 35 pounds (4 to 16 kilograms).

Valco Melton, 513-874-6551

Labelstock dissolves to remove entirely

A new labelstock dissolves completely in water to simplify label removal. Designated WDP3201, the label features a dissolvable uncoated, 40-pound facestock and MACtac’s new MP332 acrylic emulsion adhesive with a 2.5-mil (40-pound) super calendared kraft liner. Labels can be easily removed without the worry of materials clogging drains or contaminating food.

MACtac Printing Products, 866-262-2822

Metallized polyester film delivers affordable barrier

Ultra Barrier-MET polyester films provide high oxygen and water vapor barrier at costs similar to standard packaging grade metallized polyester. The films, which are produced through a combination of proprietary processes, are able to replace foil in many applications. Compared with foil, the manufacturing costs are lower and the products are more sustainable. Additionally, the polyester film offers a stronger tensile strength. The oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of Ultra Barrier-MET and Ultra Barrier-MET 3.5 is less than 0.015 cubic centimeters per 100 square inches per day and less than 0.008cc/100 in2/day respectively. The water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of Ultra Barrier-MET and Ultra Barrier-MET 3.5 is less than 0.02 grams/100 in2/ day and less than 0.017 g/100 in2/day respectively.

Vacumet Corp., 973-628-0400

Oxygen barrier technology creates clear, recyclable containers

New oxygen scavenging technology can extend the shelf life of oxygen-sensitive foods and beverages by up to nine months. Containers exhibit superior oxygen barrier in combination with excellent clarity. The polyester-based scavenger allows for recycling of the container material.

Invista, 877-446-8478

Package graphics interact--in store--with cell phones

Snap2C paperboard package enhancements allow consumers to interact with on-pack promotions using mobile technology. Using camera-equipped cell phones and other interactive mobile technology, shoppers can scan on-pack graphics and codes to immediately access in-store promotions. Consumers can also participate in sweepstakes entries, loyalty program points, product surveys and event marketing, or get answers to product questions via this new form of mobile marketing. Added to retail packaging, this integrated technology can effectively position and differentiate premium food and beverage brands.

Graphic Packaging, 770-644-3000

Printer offers easy transfer from case labels to ink jet

The Jetpack 1000 thermal ink jet printer now has a Windows driver, making it compatible with most bar code and label-generation programs. This enables customers to make an easy transition from print-and-apply labeling systems to thermal ink jet (TIJ) technology. Virtually maintenance-free, the TIJ printer reduces downtime and increases throughput. According to the manufacturer, direct printing can reduce operating costs by as much as 90% compared with label printing. With a print resolution of up to 600 dots per inch, the Jetpack 1000 produces crisp bar codes, logos and graphics on corrugated cases and trays.

Prism, a Business Unit of Videojet Technologies Inc., 770-454-7876

Remote monitor helps ensure induction sealer uptime

An option for Remote Control and Monitoring (RCM), now available for the company’s induction sealing systems, gives users remote access to all critical data to ensure optimal productivity and uptime. Data is available for customized integration into sophisticated line control and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions) systems. RCM’s flexibility makes it compatible with virtually any customer supplied software. Simple remote control is also available from a PC.

Enercon Industries, 262-255-6070

RFID pallet solution is tamper-evident

Unique, electrically conductive stretch film from Pliant combines with PowerID’s specially designed PowerG labels to create a radio frequency identification (RFID) solution to track high-value pallets and provide a measure of tamper evidence. Electrically connected to the stretch film wrapped around a pallet, the PowerG label is readable by RFID readers when the stretch film is intact and the electrical circuit is closed. However, when the stretch film is tampered with, the circuit is broken, rendering the label unreadable and thereby alerting a supply chain manager to possible tampering.

Pliant Corp., 866-878-6188
PowerID Ltd., 011-972 3 920 4200 (Israel)

Robotic gripper needs no external controller

With a built-in controller, encoder and programming interface, the Smart Gripper 2.1 integrates easily with most commercially available robots. The closed-loop direct-drive gripper features accurate robotic finger positioning, adjustable grip force and easy installation. The user preprograms motions into the Smart Gripper’s non-volatile memory, for recall later, triggered by the robot controller’s discrete output lines. Up to 32 material handling programs can be selected using the gripper’s five discrete input lines.

Applied Robotics, 518-384-1000

Slim nitrogen injection system fits in tight places

With an extra-slim profile (tapered to 0.60 inches), the Hot Chute horizontally displaced liquid nitrogen dispensing point can be installed on even the most crowded production lines. The Hot Chute delivers an atomized dose of liquid nitrogen at up to 400 containers per minute to provide pressurization of a variety of containers, including hot-fill aluminum cans, aluminum bottles, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) water bottles or heat-set bottles, and high-density polyethylene containers. The system is part of the company’s SoftDose technology, which minimizes product splash. Applications include pressurizing non-carbonated liquids (such as tea, juices, water and oils) and inerting a package’s headspace to extend product shelf life (such as for wine, beer and peanuts).

Cryotech International, 408-371-3303

Vertical lift feeds scales and baggers

Vertical Lift System moves products up into scales above vertical baggers without the need for vibratory feeders, multiple conveyors or an expensive mezzanine. It can incorporate up to six lifting lanes for transferring products into a scale and/or bagger from a central location at floor level overseen by one operator. The vertical lift uses scooped flights and is PLC-controlled to assure uniform product feeding. Made of 304 stainless steel, the lift can operate at 0 to 60 feet per minute, depending upon the configuration and application.

Kleenline Corp., 800-259-5973

Washdown motors thrive in harsh sanitation cycles

Hydro Sealed System “HS2” stainless steel washdown motors are a new product in the company’s Extreme Duck Motor line and are designed to withstand demanding sanitation requirements of the food processing and beverage industries. They are protected from the outside-in by reducing possible points of entry for contaminants and eliminating the need for drain plugs and breathers. However, the unique rotor/cartridge seal system, “Q-CAR,” allows quick access to the interior of the motor, if required. The motors, which meet the efficiency requirements of the U.S. Energy Policy Act (EPAct), are available in 3-phase, 208-230/460 volt, in 1/2 through 2 horsepower.

Leeson Electric, 262-377-8810