Check Out the New and Featured Products For the Month of May 2008

Resealable soda can sports hidden message

Advercan’s resealable aluminum soda can has a tab that, when turned 180 degrees, recloses the can with a water- and gas-tight seal, revealing a full-color, high-resolution advertising message through the tab opening. Except for a micro-gasket made from sustainable polymers, the assembly, which is fitted to a standard aluminum can, is all-aluminum.


FDA approves DiamondClear oxygen scavenger technology

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Constar Int’l’s DiamondClear oxygen scavenging technology, a proprietary material that is blended into polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to give it glass-like clarity, gloss and extended barrier protection. PET bottles and containers with the material can package shelf-stable products, as well as optimize appearance and flavor with extended shelf life.

Constar Int’l

No-tool belt conveyor easy to clean

Dorner Manufacturing’s Hygienic ThermoDrive Vertical Scoop Belting Option features a tool-less tip-up pulley, tool-less disassembly, a stainless steel gear-motor, frame cutouts and stainless steel bearings. The belt is a homogeneous thermoplastic composition with no pins, hinges or link joints. It loads up to 20 pounds per square foot, supports lengths between 3 and 40 feet, supports widths up to 2 feet and maintains speeds up to 233 feet per minute. It is engineered for environments with high-pressure sanitation regulations, and cleans with 55% less water than the average belt.

Dorner Manufacturing

X-ray system detects foreign objects, defects

Heat and Control’s Ishida IX-GA-65100 X-ray inspection system, which features a 25.5-foot wide product conveyor and an inspection chamber that accommodates packages up to 10.62 feet tall (or 15.35 feet tall with optional safety covers), detects foreign objects and product defects in cartons and cases. Product data and changeovers are entered on a 15-inch color touchscreen. Its inspection systems are compliant with ETL and US FDA Title 21 CRF 1020.40 regulations, and it meets IP65 washdown specifications. Its conveyor belts can be removed without tools, and its ductless enclosure prevents damage from condensation and dust.

Heat and Control

NatureFlex goes CarbonZero

Innovia Films’ NatureFlex coated biodegradable and compostable packaging films have achieved CarbonZero status following a lifecycle analysis aided by an external consultant.  CO2balance, which suggests carbon offset programs, was selected because it met key criteria and has a local reforestation scheme. CarbonZero status signifies that a company has engaged in activities to mitigate the carbon footprint of its products. NatureFlex films biodegrade in soil and wastewater at ambient temperatures, and are suitable for home and industrial composting. They are manufactured with raw materials that are typically 95% renewable, comprising a transparent cellulose base manufactured from sustainable wood pulp, and biodegradable and compostable surface layers.

Innovia Films Inc.

Kliklok-Woodman introduces new machinery

Kliklok-Woodman introduced several machines at Interpack 2008, including a high-speed top-load carton closer, which turns cartons in midstream for high-speed (more than 200 containers per minute) “straight-line” closing; the CELOX mid- to high-speed end-load cartoner, featuring servo motion profiles, a hybrid and fully welded stainless steel frame, a modular design, an ancillary device rail-mount system and more; and the Polaris II bag maker, with a Yamato weigher on top and other optionals. Software that determines the best bag makers for factories will also be demonstrated.


Multivac announces reclosable thermoform packaging

Multivac’s reclosable packaging for products like lunchmeat and sliced cheeses is formed from semi-rigid top and bottom films, and features a top web formed with a deep, angled recess that snaps into the bottom web to tightly close the package and allow it hang vertically. Packages can be gas-flushed for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications, and packages can be customized for easy stacking and shipping.


PP makes clear hot-filled containers

LyondellBasell Industries’ Pro-fax X11540-81-3, a custom experimental grade polypropylene (PP), has been chosen by Container Corp. of Canada for use in commercial production of oriented PP (OPP) hot-filled jars and bottles. The jars and bottles feature an oxygen and CO2 barrier coating that improves the oxygen barrier on a 500 milliliter OPP bottle approximately 140 times over an uncoated PP version. It also features a customized 40 decigrams per minute clarified random copolymer for achieving clarity and performance properties without using peroxide to enhance melt flow. Bottles also have improved adhesion properties and can be used in food and beverage commercial applications, which should reach shelves by late 2008.

LyondellBasell Industries

Conveyor system offers flexible modularity

Dynamic Conveyor’s DynaCon conveyor system offers flexible modularity, allowing smooth transfer of packages off-line at right angles. There are no pushers, diverters or mechanical components, as well as no requirement for pneumatics or electricity.

Dynamic Conveyor

Fill level inspector features touchscreen technology

Krones ( has introduced the Checkmat 753 HF, which offers fill level inspection for bottles (up to 72,000 per hour) through touchscreen technology. It accepts bottles (not cans) of any size, shape or color, and paper or plastic labels will not affect the measurements. The touchscreen allows user-friendly operator control.


NJM/CLI introduces configurable pallet labeler