AdvanChek combines the functions of X-ray inspection, metal detection and checkweighing in a single system.

X-ray system can do it all

AdvanChek combines the functions of X-ray inspection, metal detection and checkweighing in a single system. Unique low-energy operation allows AdvanChek to find metal contaminants inside metal packaging, as well as traditional X-ray targets like bone, stones and glass fragments. The system can “learn” proper product density and flag over- or under-filled products. The color touchscreen is sophisticated yet intuitive. The system is built to NEMA 12 washdown specs and can be upgraded to NEMA 4X.Mettler-Toledo Safeline, 800-447-4439

On-Pack promotional labeling attracts shoppers

Many food and beverage processors are using on-pack promotional labels to encourage consumer participation and to minimize theft and losses that can occur when promotions are distributed by store personnel. Bell Inc. ensures the security of its promotional label manufacturing and application to packages through authorized-only access areas, laser-beam barriers, special teams trained for each project, closed-circuit TV system throughout the plant, 24x7 security officers, two-way mirrors, secure waste processing and ongoing training. In addition, sequential labeling enables the tracking of each package throughout distribution and sale. In spite of these extensive investments, label manufacturing and application is cost effective and sustainable. Bell has achieved a label waste percentage of less than 1%, as measured in an independent audit by Promotion Watch, a national promotions security firm. This results in huge savings for Bell, its customers and, of course, the environment.
Bell Inc., 800-658-3396

Additive gives PET bottles the look of frosted glass

A lower-luster-grade masterbatch gives polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles the look of frosted glass. The grade gives the bottles a look similar to etched glass for an upscale feel. The masterbatch also offers appearance options such as translucent or opaque, and also can be tinted to a soft blue or green hue. The frosted masterbatches are added during the extrusion process and are built around Ampacet’s Formula X PET technology, which eliminates the need for pre-drying. This technology also improves productivity by reducing molding issues such as screw slippage and feed-throat clogging.Ampacet Corp., 513-247-5412

Conveyor runs motors efficiently

The E24 Conveyor uses 24-volt live roller technology to provide high performance in a quiet working environment. The E24 accom­m­odates frequent layout changes or process line changes. Drive motors run only when needed and are rated at eight to 10 times the hours of traditional MDR motors. The conveyor addresses issues related to heat dissipation, limited motor life span, lock of sufficient torque and the inability to use 13/8-inch rollers.Hytrol Conveyor Co. Inc., 870-935-3700

Scratch-resistant film gives high-gloss finish

NSCR is a new scratch-resistant film that works well with high-gloss finishes or surfaces that are sensitive to scratching or abrasion. NSCR is a low-density polyethylene film that features a unique embossing technique, creating a durable flexible material. The film does not contain anti-block additives. NSCR film is available in Autobag bags-on-a-roll configurations, and can be used on all Automated Packaging Systems bagging equipment.Automated Packaging Systems, 800-527-0733

Achieve metallized and holographic effects with sustainable materials

Technologically advanced non-laminated recyclable UniLustre and Holo­graphic UniLustre are environmentally friendly options for printers, converters and end users. The manufacturing process for UniLustre products maintains the look of metallized papers and boards while meeting sustainable packaging standards. Many metallized foil laminations utilize foil thicknesses in the range of 0.0003 inches and are not recyclable. The metal thickness in UniLustre products is less than 1% of 0.0003 inches, making them recyclable. Non-laminated UniLustre products print with conventional high-speed printing methods and require no hot stamping or laminating to achieve metallic or holographic effects.Unifoil Corp., 973-244-9900

Stretch wrappers accommodate heavy loads

The Flex HPD (High Profile Deluxe) and Flex LPD (Low Profile Deluxe) semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapping machines feature 5,000-pound load capacity, 14 RPM turntable, 260% film delivery and electronic film tension control. The Flex models also provide a PLC controller with a digital Human Machine Interface (HMI), low-maintenance AC motors, “drop lock” safety system, a height-sensing photoeye, forklift portability from front or rear and easy “drop-in” stretch film loading.Orion, 800-333-6556

Carriers unitize standard cans

Can carriers unitize any standard, single-size or larger food or beverage cans. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) carriers are applied by continuous-motion PakTech equipment that can run up to 1,800 cans per minute. The rugged, modular design can accommodate 24/7 operation and comes with optional change parts.PakTech, 541-461-5000

Simple pick-and-place robot integration

The PacDrive Robot P3 integrates pick-and-place capabilities into a single machine. Packaging machine designers can design their own delta robot arms, purchase delta picker arms and reduce their upfront investment to develop a robotic capability for primary and secondary packaging. The system enables control software integration in the same PacDrive automation controller running the machine, requiring no kinematics skills or proprietary robot controllers. The PacDrive Robot P3 operates at speeds of up to 160 cycles per minute.Elau Inc., 847-490-4270

Palletizer incorporates Smart Squeeze technology

The SP4000 Palletizer with bi-parting stripper apron is a small-footprint, high-level, high-capacity palletizer capable of forming complex patterns with gaps in both directions. Features of the SP4000 include an articulating row pusher bar, centering side layer guides with Smart Squeeze technology and a pacer/meter belt. The bi-parting stripper apron, combined with the case stops in the row forming area, allows the SP4000 to create gaps front-to-back and side-to-side in a layer. The palletizer can be combined with Columbia’s Product Manager controls package.Columbia Machine Inc., 360-694-1501