Company honored with Excellent Food Machine and Materials Prize.

In its quest for detection perfection,Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA( has been recognized by Japan’s most popular food trade journal for groundbreaking technologies that help processors better detect even the smallest contaminants. Nihon Shokuryo Shimbum awarded an “Excellent Food Machine and Materials Prize” to Anritsu’s Dual X Inspection Technology.

The Dual X Inspection Technology utilizes two x-ray signals to discriminate contaminants from product enabling a higher detection rate of low-density materials such as small bone fragments within meat and poultry as well as stone, glass, rubber and metal.

The enhanced Dual X Inspection Technology is even more precise than conventional x-ray technology, improving detection of metal fragments to levels as small as 0.4mm in size. Powered by high definition dual energy, it delivers less false rejects, proven superior performance and a higher degree of detection with operational cost savings. The Dual X based systems are also easy to use, clean and maintain.

“Since the launch of our newest units about a year ago, we have seen extensive production line success across a variety of industries and applications, including uses that were not previously possible,” remarks Erik Brainard, president of Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA. “We are honored to receive this award from Nihon Shokuryo Shimbum, and we will continue to move toward our goal of detection perfection with technologies that meet – and exceed – the needs of our discerning customers.”