New machinery will streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Having celebrated the 35 year landmark in 2011,Nercon Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.( strategizes for the future to make the company’s conveyor equipment manufacturing processes more efficient. The company designs and manufactures conveyor equipment for large food and packaged goods manufacturers. This year, Nercon invested $ 1.25 Million in state-of-the-art laser and machining equipment to streamline processes and create repeatable component and parts production.

The new fabrication machinery recently installed in Nercon’s fabrication facility in Oconto, WI, includes:  Mitsubishi Laser, Milltronics Machining Center, Almo Vibratory finishing machine, Almo Parts Washer and a Doosan Lathe Turning Center. These machines significantly increase production throughput and capacity. As a result, manual labor is greatly reduced, and parts and components are produced faster.

The Mitsubishi Laser, Doosan Lathe and Milltronics Machining Center are fully integrated with the company’s Auto CAD processes. This equipment is fully programmed in the office. The technology provides extreme accuracy of parts and eliminates reworking in the field. Also the sophistication of the CNC equipment allows Nercon to produce components that might not otherwise be achieved.

Manual operations have been redesigned for high speed and highly accurate CNC production. Dan Bickel, Operations Manager at Nercon’s fabrication division in Oconto, WI, states, “Now that the high-performance equipment is fully deployed in production, we’ve seen a 35% increase in fabrication throughput.”