Design accentuates the unity of the company.

The Optima Group (, specialists in innovative manufacturing, filling and packaging machines, will roll out a new image worldwide.  “We want to present ourselves with the single brand Optima in the future”, explains the company president Hans Bühler.  “We are one company, have one spirit, and speak one language”. That should be made visible. The most obvious change is the new company logo that focuses on the essentials: It is easily legible and succinct. 

The wordmark appears in bright blue and stands as the corporate brand for all Optima worldwide. The new design will be implemented as of January 1, 2012. “We’ll begin with the primary communication methods, converting the homepage, letterhead, and business cards to the new format. The remaining conversions will take place later in the year, at our trade show presence and with our machine labeling; Optima worldwide will change to the new design”, explains marketing director Sabine Gauger. “We want to further strengthen the Optima brand worldwide“.

Corporate design incorporates specific style characteristics that allow a company to present itself in a visually standardized way. In this way, the presence appears to be cast from a single source. At the same time, employees save time when the layouts are defined and made available for use.  The brand recognition in advertisements and at trade shows will increase.