ILS receives a Tristate Success Award in honor of its business success in 2011. 

Innovative Labeling Solutions(, a digital package print specialist, received a Tristate Success Award in honor of their growth and business success in 2011. The award was presented at a luncheon on April 24th in Cincinnati.

Founded on the premise that the strength of the Tristate (Indiana, N. Kentucky, and Southwest Ohio) as a thriving business center is built on the growth and success of its businesses, the Tristate Success Awards honor the most successful and consistent public, private and emerging companies in the region.

Innovative Labeling Solutions, a manufacturer headquartered in Hamilton, OH, works with consumer product companies in the personal care, health & beauty, food, beverage, housewares and natural product markets across the U.S. The company has been in business since 1996, but has been gaining widespread recognition over the last several years for their innovative and leadership position in bringing digital print for labels and packaging to the forefront.

“This is actually our second Tristate Success Award, and we are excited to be recognized once again.” says Jay Dollries, ILS president. “We have been focusing on growing our business and have invested significantly in capital equipment, systems, and professional development over the last several years – even during the economic downturn, so it is very rewarding to be selected as one of the best in the region for the second year in a row.” 

Kathy Popovich, ILS director of marketing adds, “The award is also meaningful to ILS  because of how it relates us to Cincinnati’s recent designation as a hub of consumer marketing by the state of Ohio.  The region has always been recognized as the “cradle of brands”, but creating a formal initiative will help Cincinnati attract the country’s brightest and best to make the region a global center of consumer marketing.”

Popovich continues, “Cincinnati firms have deep knowledge of the process required to take a brand to market and drive market share. It is estimated that in every grocery store aisle in the world, there is at least one consumer product branded by a Cincinnati firm. We are a supplier in that market and have a reputation as a leader and innovator.