The company receives superior rating.

Kendall Packaging Corp. ( announces its 2011 GMP Inspection rating of Superior at both manufacturing facilities. Kendall Packaging has received this Recognition of High Achievement - Superior award in the past, but with American Institute of Baking (AIB) International’s recent revisions to their Consolidated Standards for Inspection, this year’s audit was the most rigorous to date.

For the past ten years, Kendall has participated in AIB International’s GMP Inspection and has received Excellent ratings and have received the Superior rating seven times between the two production facilities. With the elimination of the Excellent rating, and strict revisions, AIB International has made the Superior rating that much tougher to achieve. The Consolidated Standards for Inspection allows only those facilities who score within the top 25% to receive the Recognition of High Achievement - Superior award. This year, both Kendall Packaging facilities were in that top 25%.

Kendall’s team looks forward to further improving the production facilities to gain even higher scores in future inspections.