The company receives two awards in the international WorldStar packaging competition.  

TricorBraun ( won two international awards in the WorldStar packaging competition.  WorldStar awards are presented only for packages that have already won in a national competition. 

One award is for Mae’s Health and Wellness Superberries, a Westin Foods division. A custom-designed bottle was created that reduced packaging cost and positioned the product as a health-oriented, antioxidant fruit drink.

The reduced cost was achieved by decreasing the bottle’s weight 13%, to 36 grams from 41 grams. The lighter weight decreased distribution costs. 

The filling expense was trimmed by replacing traditional labels with decoration screened directly to the bottle-a strategy that eliminated the need to discard bottles whose labels had become stained by the aroniaberry (chokeberry) juice.  Now, bottles that have been splashed by the purple juice can be wiped and sold.

The new TricorBraun design features an embossed logo that enhances brand visibility, and the top of the bottle is rounded, resembling the shape of an aroniaberry.  Its slender profile presents an elegant appearance and its practical shape allows the consumer to “one- hand” both the bottle and its new 38 mil, polypropylene flip top closure.  The container employs a 38-400 neck finish. .