Retailer is converting all of its fresh milk bottle brands and other beverages to Portola’s 38 mm TE closure.

The Kroger Co. has awardedPortola Packaging Inc.100% of its milk closure business.  The company is in the process of converting all of its fresh milk bottle brands to Portola’s 38 mm tamper-evident, drop band, plug closure, known as the DBJ. Also included in the conversion are Kroger’s juice and tea beverages.

Independent consumer research conducted individually by both Kroger and Portola revealed a clear preference for this closure.

“Consumers prefer a drop band that stays on the bottle vs. a tamper-evident feature which requires that you tear off a band and then have to dispose of it. Additionally, consumers prefer the DBJ’s easy opening and resealing attributes, "  says  Roy Robinson, vice president of business development, Portola. 

Portola manufactures the lightweight (2.6 grams) high-density polyethylene closure in all four of its North American plants.  This enables strong logistical support for Kroger’s geographically-dispersed filling locations.

The DBJ closure also features three leads (thread starts) which make capper application easier. The multiple leads also facilitate consumer removal and replacement.

“Our company has been a long-time supplier to Kroger.  We are pleased that the company has shown a vote of confidence in our technology and supply capabilities by awarding Portola 100% of its milk closure business,” Robinson adds.