MillerCoors is the latest from from among a number of packaged goods manufacturers to release its sustainability report that include results, strategies and tactics for its packaging.   In the company’s just-released 2010 Sustainable Development Report, it identifies packaging as one of its four core environmental commitments. It’s addressing packaging in four ways:
  • Packaging elimination and lightweighting
  • Increasing recycled content
  • Supporting consumer recycling initiatives
  • Evaluating the environmental impact
  • On the latter point, it reported results from a third-party organization to help determine the overall carbon footprint for 13 SKUs. It found that packaging makes up 21% to 44% of a product’s total carbon footprint.

    In 2009, MillerCoors eliminated an estimated 11 million pounds of packaging. That included, for Coors Light 12-pack cans, the reduction of corrugated fibreboard by 5.8 million pounds-the equivalent of 8,700 trees. It also “substantially reduced” the board used in 18- and 20-bottle packs.

    Its goal for 2015: Reduce its retail packaging by 2%.

    The full report is available on theMillerCoors website.