A new mobile software app that allows both packagers and consumers to attach digital information to an ordinary bar code is being used by PepsiCo and other food and beverage manufacturers.Stickybitsis mobile technology that can read information embedded in a regular 2D bar code and link to webpages, videos and other digital content. PepsiCo is using Stickybits apps in several ways, including a link to certain Frito-Lay products that emphasize the company’s contracts with local potato farmers. Others using or about to use Stickybits apps include Coca-Cola and Campbell Soup Co.

It’s a two-way app, in that Stickybits also allows users to attach messages, photos or videos to bar codes they scan themselves. Other Stickybits users will then be directed to that digital information when they scan the same codes. “Much to our surprise, people are even scanning products in grocery stores and creating social networks around brands,” the site’s blog declares. Stickybits is available for free downloads to iPhones and Androids.