Diamond Foods Inc., San Francisco, Calif., has partnered with Microwave Science JV LLC to use itsTrueCookPlusmicrowave oven codes on 13 different Pop Secret products. Consumers input a short numeric code found on each package. The microwave oven adjusts automatically-including to the elevation of the user’s location, which is input once-to evenly heat the popcorn using the TrueCookPlus software found in new microwave ovens from LG Electronics and Kenmore.

“We continue to look for innovation to enable a better consumer microwave popcorn experience,” says Andrew Burke, senior VP of marketing for Diamond Foods. “TrueCookPlus delivers genuine differentiation. Even in its initial phase, consumers have responded to the TrueCookPlus logo and codes on our packaging, and we are pleased with the simple solution that it provides.

Besides altitude, the code also accounts for the oven’s wattage (800 to 1,500 watts or greater) and temperature, and it adjusts power levels from 0% to 100% in real time to cook food to perfection. TrueCookPlus has also been proven to cook food to safe cooking temperatures under federal standards, and eliminate concerns of E. coli and salmonella.  TrueCookPlus is endorsed by the National Frozen and Refrigerated Food Association–the only microwave cooking technology that the NFRA has ever endorsed.