According to a new report byMarketsandmarkets( the world market for aseptically packaged products was around 100 billion liters in 2009 and is estimated to reach at the worth of $38 billion in 2015 growing at the rate of 9%. In terms of volume Europe and Asia are the largest aseptic packaging market. The fastest growth rate is seen in Asian market at the annual growth rate of 12%. The demand driving factors for the growth of Asian market are emerging markets of India and China. South American countries like Brazil are also triggering demand especially in beverage and processed food sector.

Among the aseptically packed products milk accounts for major market share of 42% followed by beverages with 38%. The remaining minor portion is made up by other dairy products. The demand for aseptic packaging in food products is rising due to changing lifestyles and conveniences provided aseptically packed food.

Aseptic packaging has seen and will continue to see more number of opportunities in North American market especially in the dairy and processed foods categories. Popular retail brands are turning towards aseptic packaging due to the advantages associated with it. For developed markets aseptic packaging provides benefits like protection of sensitive ingredients and greater efficiency in different stages of supply chain. It is also beneficial to geographical areas with weak chilled distribution chain like South America.

The major drivers for aseptic packaging are increasing demand for packaged food, changes in food manufacturing industry, more emphasis on product safety. Growing population, emerging middle class, changing food habits are other factors driving demand for aseptic packaging. Expanding liquid food and dairy beverage applications and increasing consumption of ready-to-eat food are creating demand for aseptic food.