A new, extra-thin can of Diet Pepsi, rolled out for Fall 2011 Fashion Week in New York City, is being criticized on grounds of promoting body-image insecurity among women. The 12-ounce “Skinny Can,” which is just over 6 inches high, was introduced explicitly in conjunction with Fashion Week, prior to a nationwide rollout next month. PepsiCo materials supporting the release refer to “our slim, attractive new can [which] is the perfect complement to today's stylish looks.” That didn’t sit right with the National Eating Disorders Association. Its president, Lynn Grefe, called PepsiCo’s comments “thoughtless and irresponsible” and stated, “Pepsi should be ashamed for declaring that skinny is to be celebrated. The many millions suffering from eating disorders in this country would disagree.” For what it’s worth, PepsiCo can take solace in an online poll by the New York Daily News. Asked if they like the new can, 60% chose the response “Yes, I think it looks sleeker,” and only 37% said “No, I just want a diet soda.” (The remaining 3% weren’t sure.)