With social distancing in place this season, fans may be unable to go to their beloved stadium, so Pepsi is paving (literally) a new way for fans to  keep this tradition alive and pre-game at home. To do this, Pepsi searched for a diehard football fan who was willing to completely transform their front yard, creating a fully decked out, stadium-parking-lot replica, or "Homegate" experience.

Pepsi found Cindy, a lifelong, passionate Jets fan from Piscataway, New Jersey, who jumped at the chance to change her idyllic suburban front yard into the loudest, proudest shrine to the J-E-T-S in the tri-state area. Pepsi pulled out all of the stops, including a fully-painted end zone; a lifesize team-branded Jet; a 65" flat screen TV; a stadium lot light tower; a Pepsi fridge; a brand new grill; a true-to-size stadium parking lot booth; some well wishes from Hall-of-Famer and Jets legend Curtis Martin; tents, seating and much more.

"Tailgating has always been one of the most anticipated and enjoyed rituals of the NFL gameday experience," said Todd Kaplan, VP Marketing, Pepsi. "With all the uncertainty surrounding this year's NFL season, Pepsi wants to bring that authentic stadium experience into the home so that fans can still enjoy this cherished tradition. We want to encourage fans to take their 'homegates' to the next level, by unapologetically representing their team to the entire neighborhood."

Pepsi also wants to make sure fans across the country can keep their tailgating traditions from the comfort of their own homes. The brand is bringing an at-home tailgating experience to 20 lucky fans. At nearly $5,000 in value, this customized 16 sq. ft. tailgating box has everything fans need to transform their Sunday-tailgating ritual into one that will make even their neighbors who root for their rival team jealous. It includes an outdoor projector, Pepsi branded seating, high-end speakers, a one of-a-kind Pepsi cornhole set and of course, Pepsi products. For a chance to win, check out @Pepsi on Twitter and MadeForFootballWatching.com/Homegate for more details.

The Pepsi Homegate experience and Tailgate-in-a-Box are part of the Brand's 2020 football campaign "Made for Football Watching," which spotlights the NFL's passionate football watchers and focuses on bringing the stadium experience home to fans this season.