California Natural Products, a manufacturer of more than 150 certified organic and natural foods and beverages for contract customers, has introduced “CalNaturale Svelte,” a multi-functional, all-natural sustained energy protein drink. It marks the company’s first-ever national consumer brand launch in its 30-year history. 

 The sustained messaging also emerges in the company’s choice for the product’s packaging: Recyclable, 15.9-ounce Tetra Prisma Aseptic containers fromTetra Pak, which the company claims provides consumers with one of the leading environmentally-friendly options for beverages.

 We asked CNP about the environmental claims for the cartons. 

  “Tetra Pak cartons are made mostly from paper, a renewable resource, versus other bottles and containers made from nonrenewable resources,” responds Clark Driftmier, vice president of marketing and sales. He also says that the ambient storage of the aseptic products “saves dramatically on energy costs compared to other beverages requiring refrigeration.” Regarding recycling, Driftmier notes that some U.S. recycling systems are set up to separate and recycle Tetra Pak cartons.

The Prisma cartons also offer the convenience of screw-cap reclosure.

 The graphics design was as important as the package format. According to Driftmier, the packaging design by
Addis Creson reflects four principal goals:1. Create a distinctive look for CalNaturale Svelte, with a unique brand personality that strongly appeals to the target consumers.2. Highlight the product’s unique functional attributes while maintaining a clean, pure look that matches the “clean” label using organic and 100% natural ingredients.3. Project delicious, flavorful cues regarding taste, and clearly differentiate among the four flavors while retaining a strong brand feel and “banner effect” of the different flavors on the shelf.4. Succeed visually with eye-popping graphics in the dry grocery aisles of natural food stores, which are frequently poorly lit and cramped.

 Consumer responses to the product have confirmed the success of the package and design. “The reaction to our new package design has been along the lines of ‘wow,” ‘I love the talk bubbles,’ ‘eye-catching’ and even ‘gutsy,” Driftmier says.