For all the attention consumer packaged goods companies have paid to sustainability, it has gained surprisingly little traction with consumers, according to a new study from The Hartman Group. The report, Marketing Sustainability 2010: Bridging the Gap Between Consumers and Companies, states that since 2007, awareness of the term “sustainability” went up 15 percentage points (from 54% to 69%), but only 21% could identify a specific product, and only 12% a specific company, as “sustainable.” The study found that consumers have increased their identification with certain aspects of the word “sustainability,” such as “environmentally friendly” (from 33% to 42%) and “responsible farming methods” (from 25% to 37%). However, the report concluded that except for a core of environmentally conscious consumers, “the term ‘sustainability’ continues to be outside of most consumers’ everyday vocabulary, and does not include a concrete holistic understanding of economic, social, and environmental concerns.”