Allied Development( announces a new study that states that the U.S. microwaveable packaging market will reach $2 billion by 2016, reflecting revenue growth of 9.4% per year during the next five years. This study reveals that one factor driving U.S. market growth is the rapid adoption of microwaveable packaging within food product categories that require increased packaging functionality. The study evaluates many proven applications for microwaveable packaging and highlights several food industry segments that are growing faster than the industry as a whole: vegetables, desserts, prepared meals, pasta and pizza.

The study encompasses retail and food service packaging. It provides in-depth market segment profiles that analyze market drivers and key trends, as well as projected segment-by-segment market forecasts for 2016. Innovative technologies are described which will open new markets by providing consumers with faster and more convenient microwave cooking solutions. The 350-page study also includes numerous listings and descriptions of recent packaging developments, many of which are just entering the marketplace. The study also provides details of market opportunities and forecasts broken down by segment, product type and end-user sector.