Allied Development Corp. ( publishes “Barrier Materials for Flexible Packaging 2011 to 2016”, a global industry report which provides a clear and comprehensive analysis of barrier materials that restrict the transmission of oxygen and moisture vapor through flexible packaging films. The report provides volumetric and revenue forecasts for barrier materials through 2016.

Allied Development’s newest study examines the full range of commercially proven technologies from the perspectives of their functional ability to meet consumer needs, their worldwide market potential, economic profiles, and environmental impact. The 420-page study describes producer strategies for extending the life cycles of these established products, as well as the potential of several emerging technologies (e.g. ultra-high barrier metallized film) to improve or supplant them.

This is the first global industry report on barrier materials to calculate greenhouse gas GHG releases for flexible packaging films categorized by their oxygen transmission rates.

In-depth market, economic and environmental analyses – depicted in over 100 figures and tables -- are presented for barrier materials that provide oxygen transmission rates from zero to 77.5 cc/m2/day (5 cc/100 in2/day) and/or moisture vapor transmission rates from zero to 1.5 gm/m2/day (0.10 gm/100 in2/day). The study profiles 34 established and upcoming producers of barrier materials, serving the six major geographic markets for flexible packaging.