Smarterita premixed margarita beverage available in glass or PET packaging.SmarteRita is a new low-calorie premixed margarita beverage available in 1.75L PET or 750ml glass containers. The drink boasts 100 calories per 4-ounces.

SmarteRita recruited CL&D Digital ( for the packaging of the new premixed cocktail. The challenges for CL&D Digital were extremely quick turns and sizing the sleeves to the bottles. The pressure-sensitive labels around the bottle are clear film with a high gloss UV coating and feature black color screen printing and green cold-foil stamping on both the front and back.The SmarteRita bottles are adorned with shrink bands on the top of each bottle.

 SmarteRita retails for $10.99 (750ml size) and $19.99 (1.5L size) and is currently available in Texas & Colorado, but will be moving into the Midwest in the beginning of 2013.