Tropical Foods’ ReCharge Bars offer a healthy option that allows consumers to see the nutritional ingredients through the package. The 1.3-ounce bars are less than 200 calories and come packaged for on-to-go single servings. The package label also depicts a healthy and active lifestyle while informing consumers of the health benefits of the product. ReCharge Bars consist of some of the best-selling Tropical Foods mixes, made into a bar. Choose from the all-natural Student Food and Diet Delight bars or splurge a little on the Sweet Heat and PB&J flavors.

Tropical’s favorite snack mix flavors are now available on the go. Tropical Foods is adding to their ReCharge line of snacks with new ReCharge Bars. “The ReCharge line consists of some of our best selling snack mixes and the new ReCharge Bars offer a healthier alternative to a snack on the go,” said Chad Hartman, marketing director at Tropical Foods. “Bursting with flavor, the bars are made through an all-natural process with no added sugars or preservatives.”

 As a new year begins, resolutions are made for self-improvement and success. Among the top New Year’s resolutions are weight loss and healthier eating. While statistics show that more women make New Year resolutions and more men are likely to actually keep them, only 12% of people ultimately have success. It’s important to make specific, attainable goals.