AFA( has developed a new cartoner called the HD-LSP – Heavy Duty Linear Servopack Autoload Cartoner. The HD-LSP is extremely versatile as it can handle bars, flow wrap packages, and sachets with ease. Capable of handling over 350 products per minute, the HD-LSP incorporates the patent pending Sure-LoadTM carton closing system. The Sure-Load is a carton closing rail system that ensures product does not have the opportunity to fall out of the carton during flap closing operation. The HD-LSP features a Linear Servopack Infeed system which provides quick changeover for different pack patterns, accurate feedback and diagnostics, precise and fast positioning and high packing speed to maximize cartoning efficiency. The cartoner also features a SUBO patented end of arm tool to pick multiple products from the Servopack buckets and then groups and expands to distribute the product layer on the cartoner’s specified pitch. All these features combine to provide an efficient and versatile cartoning solution to customer’s production lines.