Servo controlled bottle unscrambler works quicklyOmega Design Corporation ( – a global provider of innovative packaging machinery and serialization solutions, and the worldwide leader in bottle unscrambling technology – offers the Servo-controlled Rotary Pocket (SRP) Bottle Unscrambler. The machine features patented rotary pockets and delivers a level of performance unmatched by any other unscrambler on the market.

The SRP Bottle Unscrambler provides speed, precision and expandability while positively handling printed, or pre-labeled, bottles at speeds in excess of 300 per minute. The machine is also versatile; it easily handles various shapes of bottles ranging in size from fractional ounce to 32 ounces. Changeover between runs is quick and simple. Omega’s change parts provide bottle specific material handling to ensure your next run is as successful as your last.

Highlights of the SRP Bottle Unscrambler, which is fully automatic and can operate at variable speeds, include patented self-adjusting rotary pockets, Allen Bradley controls, stainless steel frame, clear guarding and noise reduction. Features such as electromechanical positive-break safety interlocks, easy-load floor level hopper design, flow-track elevator and rotary disc-style sorter also come standard, and the machine’s touch screen interface displays a product menu that helps make operation streamlined and intuitive.

Available options for the SRP Bottle Unscrambler include tool-less changeover, motorized adjustments and up-sized hoppers as large as 150 cubic feet. Low-level hopper detection, adjustable sort disc, and frame are other possibilities. The machine also can incorporate a variety of supplementary systems, such as those designed for ionized air rinsing, printing and coding, inspect-and-reject, or desiccant feeding

 “The Servo-controlled Rotary Pocket Bottle Unscrambler is fast, functional and flexible –combining those three important attributes better than any machine in its class – and provides industry-leading OEE for our customers,” says Glenn Siegele, president of Omega Design Corporation. “Omega Design Corporation’s patented rotary pockets are a major factor behind the SRP’s successful design, day-to-day operation and attractiveness as a forward-thinking piece of equipment that can be easily expanded and built upon to accommodate evolving needs.”