robotic case packerPremier Tech Systems ( offers complete end-of-line solutions including conveying, case packing, palletizing and load securing equipment for various kinds of containers such as cases, bundles, cans, drums, pails and more.

The AR-200 Series Robotic Case Packer from Premier Tech Systems is the perfect solution for packing bags, bottles, cases, cans, bundles and more into boxes or any other rigid container. It can be standard or custom-designed for your precise needs. Its operation is simple: no flap holder needed thanks to robotic motion. Robotic case packers can also use single or dual robots, depending on your scale of production. This option is also ideal for customers with a wide range of product types. Moreover, with its integrated vision, it can pick up different kinds of products (multi-pick) and randomly-oriented items before packing them into cases or any other rigid container. In brief, the AR-200 Series Robotic Case Packer allows you to greatly improve your packaging efficiency and increase your ROI.

Features include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • All projects are customized to meet customer requirements
  • Simple operation; no flap holder needed thanks to robotic motion
  • Quick changeover of packing patterns through stored recipes
  • Designed to meet the most stringent safety standards currently on the market
  • Simultaneous handling of different products
  • Multi pick available
  • Flexible, gentle handling
  • Flexible footprint