Especially designed to incorporate safety and sustainability in one package, Placon’s new Crystal Seal Tamper-Evident plastic thermoformed food containers are 100% recyclable with a patent-pending feature that helps minimize the potential of food tampering. The Tamper-Evident containers by Placon, a leading North American designer and thermoformer of custom and stock packaging, are available now in seven grab-and-go sizes from eight to 64 ounces.

With no removable byproducts or tear-away pieces, minimizing potential choking hazards, the food containers’ double hinged tamper-evident design eliminates the necessity for shrink bands or tamper-evident labels. The plastic packaging’s offset, recessed cavity instructional tabs ensure easy gripping and opening while the leak-resistant design ensures no messes or spills either in store aisles or while on the go.

“There will always be a need for safe, secure packaging that provides resistance to tampering and alerts consumers that the product has been potentially tampered with,” states Jeff Lucash, director of sales – Placon Stock Products. “Tamper-evident containers provide our customers and their consumers with a sense of security that their food hasn’t been improperly tampered with after it was initially packed.”

Strong and stackable, the food packaging containers are easy to separate by hand or via automation with minimal ribbing on sidewalls to provide great product visibility. Designed for retailers, brand owners and food processors looking for safe packaging that is environmentally responsible, the new recyclable plastic containers safely and attractively display deli and to-go foods from sandwiches and salads, deli pasta salads, salsas, single serve desserts and dry packed foods.

“We wanted to design food packaging that took away as much of the fear of intentional, malicious tampering as possible, “ continues Lucash. “For dry packed goods, such as snack mixes and candies, we also wanted to minimize the threat of theft for our customers through product ‘sampling.’ In addition, we wanted to target the sustainability factor which is why the tamper-evident containers are produced from EcoStar® RPET-F food-grade sheet manufactured with post-consumer recycled content from bottles and thermoforms.”