A drop in temperature doesn’t mean expectations for tape reliability should drop as well. When the mercury falls, packaging tape needs to maintain its hold. Shurtape (www.shurtape.com) offers a line of cold temperature packaging tapes that are engineered for high performance in frigid environments, including the newest addition: HP 132 Packaging Tape.

HP 132 is specially formulated to keep packages sealed and secured, and won’t slow you down in high-speed applications – even in harsh, cold conditions. It’s designed with a synthetic rubber/resin hot melt adhesive that will provide an instant, permanent bond in sub-freezing temperatures.

 Applicable in temperatures ranging from 20 F to 75 F, HP 132 is recommended for automated or manual packaging of lightweight cartons in cold-temperature environments. HP 132 is ideal for use in produce packaging, meat and poultry processing, dairy facilities, cold weather moving/storage and unheated warehouses in cold-weather climates.