New York-born Wandering Bear Coffee is finally introducing a single serve, 11-ounce cold brew box, making it easier to enjoy coffee on the go. Certified Organic, Fair Trade and 25 mg of caffeine per ounce (one of, if not the strongest on the market), is now more convenient than ever, making it easier get a cold brew fix on the way to work, at the gym or while out and about. The brand is also the first in the premium cold brew category to launch a TetraPak ( carton, widely recognized for sustainability.

Matt Bachmann and Ben Gordon founded Wandering Bear in 2014. Funny story: They met in grad school when each brought homemade cold brew to class. Needless to say, they ended up geeking out way more over coffee than economics.

Wandering Bear was the first brand to put cold brew coffee on tap in homes and offices via innovative box packaging. The unique format and craft packaging have become a calling card of the brand, earning them a loyal following in their home market of New York, but retailers and consumers alike were asking for something smaller.

"We've really listened to our consumers on this one," says Bachmann, "love for our 'coffee on tap' products has been strong for years now but our loyalists have been wanting something they can take with them on-the-go. We're excited at the new opportunities this product line will open for our brand."

Retailers do seem to be taking notice. Within a week of launch the product was on the shelves at Target throughout the northeast and at hundreds of independent retailers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.